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Let’s be open about this. We spend most of lives at work. We all have families, friends, personal interests and social lives, but still we spend most of out time engaged in work many of us do within an organization. That means that more and more people are becoming acutely aware of their need for more work-life balance than ever before. More and more of us are no longer willing to sacrifice our families, our mental and physical health for organizations which do not take good care of us, whose visions we do not share, and which regard us as mere employees, expendable resources with a finite life span inside the company.

So what is it that we really want in our work lives? What we want in our lives in all other levels: self-actualization. We want to be able to explore and find a unique expression of ourselves, our intellectual and emotional self. We want to feel we belong to a community of like-minded, like-spirited people who share a purpose. Financial compensation for work is no longer the only factor when we decide to accept or keep a job. What use is it earning a big fat salary when you have no time left to spend with your children who are growing up right before your eyes? Or with your spouse? Your friends? What is the use of having money when you are not healthy? When you become deprived of the basic needs of any human being, such as good quality sleep, eating habits, mindfulness?

We need organizations who are willing to take this leap. Leaders who are visionary and prepared to orchestrate the paradigm shifts that the world needs today. They need to understand that people need to be given the opportunity to become self-driven. There needs to be a change in the very quality of people’s engagement in their work lives. Leaders need to be confident in reshaping the traditional centralizing hierarchical leadership model. People are naturally driven to become self-actualized when they are given the trust, the autonomy and the tools to do so in the organization they work in (notice I used the word in and not for). Where there is a shared vision, there are shared purposes. Where there are shared purposes, there is human drive to achieve common goals.

No more small talk. Let’s be real. A new model for nurturing human capital is the most fundamental innovation that organizations need today in order to survive and to thrive. It is possible. Many organizations the world over are already doing it and are soaring. The undeniable truth is that people want to be happy at work. They want to express themselves, be appreciated and belong. Happy people like that is the very blood of any organization. Courageous and visionary leadership is the energy that keeps the heart beating.





  1. Nice to see your beautiful new blog, Clarissa. I totally agree with you that life-work balance is essential for anyone. I can say I am fortunate to have had the chance to drive my kids to and from school every day, have lunch with them, and take care of myself, too, having a fixed exercise routine. Not to mention having had plenty of opportunities for self-actualization and being surrounded by wonderful and inspiring people at work, such as yourself! However, I also agree that there is much more that can be done to re-imagine our workplace relationships and structure, and we count on you to get well soon and help us out!

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    1. Isabela, thanks for reading and for the comment. Brave and visionary leaders, that’s what we need. You know me, I’m all in. Let’s transform our beautiful school which is really made of the beautiful and imperfect people that keep its heart beating. Together we stand. Beijos!


  2. Excellent food for thought Clarissa. Unfortunately not many leaders will ger the real message of the text. Nobody wants to be super heroes anymore, we all want to be simple human beings who are both self fullfilled in the workplace, as well as in our homes and social life. People are buying less and less the idea that you can only be a REAL professional if you are commited first anf foremost to your work.
    All we want is to BE all we can be! 😉

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    1. Marina, you said something that resonates with me. “Nobody wants to be super heroes anymore” and I must say I see more and more people around me getting to that place in their lives. I say nobody should even WANT to be super heroes to begin with. We should do the soul work to be ourselves, in all our beauty and imperfection. And we should own our stories, who we truly are, at home with our families, with our friends, at our workplace, everywhere. We should all look to become autonomous beings. And model it to our children and our students and everyone around us. Now, in order to reach this autonomy, we ought to learn the gift of accountability. Owning our behaviors and who we are. Hey, I sense another blog post coming up in this reply to your wonderful comment. Thank you for reading and responding so authentically, Marina. Beijos!


  3. Hi Clarissa – thank you. There is so much in your post that resonates. There is just one thing that I wonder about which this sentence made me question : “We want to feel we belong to a community of like-minded, like-spirited people who share a purpose” For me, I would like communities to be accepting of a diversity of people, who are not necessarily like-minded – but I do agree that spirit probably goes beyond being like-minded. – or hopefully it does 🙂 I’m with the spirit of your writing 🙂

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    1. Dear Jenny, how lovely to see you here. I fully agree with the like-minded aspect you point out in your comment. We ought to cherish and nurture diversity. Diversity engenders innovation and change and evolution, and it’s beautiful. Like-spirited and sharing a common feeling of collective good, for all, regardless of ideological or intellectual or whatever differences. Autonomy and accountability are born from openness to genuinely connect with another human being. It takes emotional maturity and knowing who you are, and that you’re worthy. Beijos!


  4. I think I hear the concept of ‘Vulnerability’ here. This is a great article short to the point and clear.

    I have thought since 2007/8 and the US financial crisis that capitalism is a dead system – because it values money over ethics morals and humanity. Yet I struggle to contemplate a better system (OK so I have small mind). I find that socialism and communism put to much power in the leaders of the collective – and that ends badly – so democracy seems necessary (for both govt and orgs).

    Could we somehow have connectionism? or empathism? vulnerabism? or become belongingors?

    How about happyism? or fullfilmism?

    I dunno.

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