A Luminous Journey

The day you find out you are not invincible marks the beginning of a luminous journey. It is a journey of vulnerability. It is the raw realization of your humanity. You can only be truly capable of loving others once you have found your own vulnerability. It is by the loving acceptance of your own flaws, your innermost fears, that you can truly accept others in their full beauty.

Love can only come to be from a place of vulnerability within ourselves. The struggle for perfection, success, fortune, status, is emptied once you have reached this place. You can only truly understand what it means to be human when you have finally learned that vulnerability is what makes us all human and therefore worthy of love in all its imperfect beauty.



  1. For later I have a whole bunch of interesting quotes taken from a book called “How We Grieve: Relearning the World” by Thomas Attig that deal with irreversible changes and how we cope. We DO cope and somehow adjust. And also “The Psychology of Life Stories” by Dan P. McAdams that has lost itself in my office.
    For now:
    Topics in Narrative Psychology
    Personality, Psychobiography, and Psychology of the Life Story
    “We create ourselves out of the stories we tell about our lives, stories that impose purpose and meaning on experiences that often seem random and discontinuous. As we scrutinize our own past in the effort to explain ourselves to ourselves, we discover – or invent – consistent motivations, characteristic patterns, fundamental values, a sense of self. Fashioned out of memories, our stories become our identities.” –Drew Gilpin Faust


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