Being here now

Let’s talk about presence. But before we do, let’s admit we are absent most of the time. Absent from where we are in the moment we are living. We struggle because we can seem to be whole in the sequence of moments that make up our life time. We are driving but we are really making mental to-do lists in the meantime. We are watching our kids in the playground but we are really checking our emails and whatsapp messages on our phones. We are having breakfast but we are getting dressed at the same time. We are never there. At the moment.

The mind is a powerful thing. It has the power to subjugate us to its whims and moods. We need to regain control over who we are, and we are not our minds. We need to cultivate silence and focus in our everyday lives. We need to experience more flow in our lives. We need to make time and space every day to experience contemplation and engage in silent self-observation. Find more head space, do some uncluttering in your head and throw away all the trash you accumulate within.

I have decided to shut up and sit silently every day for at least ten minutes. I sit myself down in a quiet place in my house and I contemplate. I am trying out some mindfulness techniques that involve breathing and observing. I like it because it removes the religiousness aspect from meditation. It’s brain yoga. It helps me replenish my mind, enhancing the quality of my mind’s engagement in tasks where it’s needed.

But best of all, it reminds me that I am a breathing living organism. I want to be here now. And here now. And here now. In a flow. Be. Here. Now.



  1. For my “mindfullness” I do use adult coloring books. I sit on my front porch with a cup of coffee and a coloring book – usually some form of pattern, and I color. It frees my mind to go places and I find that I concentrate better for the rest of the day.

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  2. For several months now, I have been meditating for (hopefully) 20 minutes twice a day, once after I wake before I arise and again after I recline before I sleep.

    I must say life is better, and external circumstances are either the same or worse. Colors are brighter, insights deeper, connections fuller – I suppose pain hurts more (not sure about this yet i am pretty sure I feel it more fully).

    Are you aware of – there are self guided meditations there 🙂

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  3. Like to make up non-negotiable policies on the things I just HAVE to believe in and then get distracted to run off in another direction. For instance it seemed like a wise idea to read “On Bullshit” By Harry G. Frankfurt a few days ago. Then I decided the problem was * (the problem is always something else that reveals itself as deeper, more complicated and always the missing next step that were it to be solved then the previous problem would be rendered irrelevant–like there’s one truth out there that nullifies all your effort up to that point except this one realization of how dumb you’ve been all along but somehow you know that all the screw-ups and false pathways are what mattered).
    SOOOO… I switched to this:
    >>”I suppose some of you must have noticed that human beings have a tendency to be heavily preoccupied with thinking about themselves. Blind rollicking spontaneity is not exactly the hallmark of our species. We put very considerable effort into trying to get clear about what we are really like, trying to figure out what we are actually up to, and trying to decide whether anything can be done about this. The strong likelihood is that no other animal worries about such matters. Indeed, we humans seem to be the only things around that are even capable of taking themselves seriously.

    Taking ourselves seriously means that we are not prepared to accept ourselves just as we come. We want our thoughts, our feelings, our choices, and our behavior to make sense. We are not satisfied to think that our ideas are formed haphazardly, or that our actions are driven by transient and opaque impulses or by mindless decisions. We need to direct ourselves—or at any rate to believe that we are directing ourselves—in thoughtful conformity to stable and appropriate norms. We want to get things right.”<<


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